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Sholarship Fund


The Memorial Scholarship Fund (ISMSF) was established in memory of Irina Shekhets, who tragically died on August 24, 2010 in the fatal plane crash in Nepal. Irina was a brilliant woman with a bright future. The day of tragedy fall on her 30th Birthday while she was celebrating her Law School Graduation and Bar Exam pass.

Irina was an extremely talented and energetic person. During her short but wonderful life Irina not just achieved unbelievable academic and professional success, but also she was a big educational inspirer for incredibly large circle of her friends and relatives of all generations.
More about Irina on Memorial Website

This non-profit Scholarship Fund was established to help talented students to get to the college of their dream.

ZUMBATHON-2 was as successful as the first one!

Second Zumbathon took place last Sunday, October 23. It helped to reach the goal: after this event it became possible to set the first Scholarship award for year 2012. The Scholarship Application and selection criteria will be published on this site by the end of this year.

Irina would be proud!

Memorial Scholarship Fund together with Fair Lawn ambulance will continue these kind of events.

Irina's Life and Times Memorial Camp

The 2011 Irina's Life and Times Memorial Camping event took place in the "Orfey" resort on weekend of September 30th.

There were 50 attendees from all generations - Irina's friends, her family and family friends.

It was a great time to remember Irina, see her pictures and videos that keep memory of the unique moments of her impressive life.

2011 Memorial Camp pictures


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